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About Us

Our Values

In a world where online trading is prolifically advertised as a get-rich-quick way of making easy money, students often start on their trading journey with stars in their eyes. Inevitably they soon find out that it is more tricky than they first believed, often with devastating financial consequences.

Sure Trading stands out as one of the solid companies out there who provide an honest, balanced, no-nonsense perspective on trading and investing. This can be clearly seen in Ross Larter’s books, “How to make money on the Stock Exchange” and “The Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Exchange”

At Sure Trading we believe that everybody has the ability to learn how to trade. We do, however, also believe that developing the skills necessary to become a competent trader takes time, focus, discipline and commitment, and doesn’t happen overnight. However, once the individual has gained the necessary knowledge and skills, they are equipped with the potential to generate income daily, for the rest of their lives.

Sure Trading is a company where every client is cared for and is taken on the journey from infancy to maturity in understanding the markets and trading successfully.  This is done through the medium of high quality video training, three weekly online trading meetings, continuous client care and support, as well as individual mentoring sessions if required. 

The uniqueness of our business is our personal interaction with each individual client during our online group trading meetings. As part of the Sure Trading community, our clients enjoy regular input from more experienced traders, and are able to interact daily with other like-minded people via our trading meetings and community chat group.


“To help our clients improve their financial lives so profoundly, they couldn’t imagine going back to the old way.”
“We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of client service, delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, honesty and integrity.”

Our History

Sure Trading is an education company, established in East London, South Africa in 2002 by Ross and Bev Larter.  Ross and Bev had been founders and administrators of a private school in Barkly East in the Eastern Cape before moving to East London in 1998.  Upon arrival in East London, Ross was approached to start another private school, but decided against it.  Seeking an income at the time, he was introduced to stock market trading/investing as a means of building up capital, and/or creating a constant income stream.  Realising there was great interest in the stock market, but very little personal training and mentoring of clients, he soon found himself enjoying teaching others how to trade the stock market.

Ross and Bev moved to Cape Town in 2008, mostly for family reasons, but also because the location of a business of the nature of Sure Trading is of secondary importance if available technology is utilised.   Now, over 18 years later, Sure Trading has still remained a relatively small company (we don’t want to get too big, because we feel personalised client care could be compromised) with clients scattered around the continent and beyond. 

In 2016, Ross was approached by Penguin Random House Publishers and asked to write a book that would teach the ordinary South African how to trade on the financial markets. He wrote the book “How to make Money on the Stock Exchange” in plain English, simple enough for the layman to understand, proving that you don’t need to be a financial whizz-kid to make money on the stock market. Due to the success of the book, Sure Trading gained new clients all over the country and the world, facilitating the development of our online subscription service.

Through our new online system, we are able to give clients all around the world the same level of personalised care that we afford our local Cape Town clients.  Testimonials from our happy clients bear witness to the level of service we offer.


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